January 2015

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When it comes to getting an education, Minneapolis and St. Paul residents don't have to go very far. The Twin Cities have excellent colleges and universities where students and professionals can earn a degree and stay on top of the latest learning available. Here are the top universities in the Twin Cities:

* University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - As the largest school with the most diverse programs, students can find any niche they need at this school. Tuition is also lower; for in-state students it was $13,626 in 2014-15. Undergraduates can enter into the four-year graduation plan, which guarantees that classes will be made available for the student to finish everything in four years – otherwise the university will reimburse student costs for the

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We've experienced some extreme cold spells these last two winters, and you've probably noticed it on your heating bills. Polar vortex is now a term well-recognized in every household, causing a shudder every it's mentioned. So how can you protect your home against the deep chill? Here are some helpful tips:

* If you live in an older home or just purchased one that's 20 years old or older, chances are your insulation has settled and your windows and doors might not be sealed as well as they should be. We recommend families sign up for an energy audit through their utility company, especially in homes that were built a couple of decades ago. Not only will the energy auditor investigate draft situations where cold air might be seeping into the

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The cold winter temperatures and snow we received in Minneapolis over the holiday finally made some cross country skiing trails open for the season. While we could still use a bit more of the white, fluffy stuff, be sure to plan some time enjoying winter in Minneapolis on a pair of cross country skis. Here are some of the trails that are open.

* Theodore Wirth Park - The Minneapolis Park Board has 15 miles of trails that are groomed daily and varying levels of difficulty. You'll need a pass to ski the park. Get yours at apm.activecommunities.com/minneapolisparks/Membership?package_id=305. You can also connect to the 5 miles of groomed trails in the Chain of Lakes neighborhood. This means if you live in Uptown and want to ski to Golden Valley, you can.

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Did you set a New Year's resolution to lose weight, get healthy or tone some muscles? If you did, check out the following fitness centers in the Twin Cities to get started:

* YMCA - There are seven YMCAs located in Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods, putting at least one relatively close to your office or home if you live in a Minneapolis or St. Paul loft or condo. YMCAs are very family-oriented, providing fitness camps for children, as well as all the athletic and fitness classes and workshops you need as an adult.

* Anytime Fitness - Anytime Fitness has nine locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They offer fitness center access any time of the day or night, which is great for those who work different shifts.

* Lifetime Fitness -

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