How to Know if Your Realtor is Really in it for You

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 8:09pm.

A lot of work goes into buying and selling a home. A good Realtor can help you through the process, which is why you want to find one who is interested in really helping you  one who will go beyond listing your home, scheduling showings and walking you through the closing. The following practices will show you that your Realtor is going above and beyond to help you through the purchase or sale of your home.

1. When listing a home, they gather data on similar home sales in the area, listen to your thoughts and requests and provide advice on all aspects of the sale. This work can include installing yard signs, hosting open houses, taking photos of the rooms, staging furniture and even helping you determine which repairs to make and which to leave alone.

2. They recommend resources they have had good experience with. For example, if you need repairs done, they'll recommend a contractor who provides good quality work at a fair price. The same goes for lenders, house cleaners, home inspectors, title companies, maintenance workers and even moving companies.

3. The work day isn't 8-5. If you found the perfect house and you want to make a bid, good Realtors are available to help you make an offer whether it's the weekend or in the evening. After all, in this competitive market, you might need to move quickly to get the house of your dreams. And if they have a scheduling conflict due to another closing or showing, they can make an assistant available and ensure they are able to fill in easily.

4. They know homes, and when walking through a house for sale, they know the quality of the flooring, the blinds, cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, and can detect anything that looks or feels suspicious. If you don't have an interior design or home-building background, this information is invaluable when making your decision.

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