How to prep your home for a showing

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 9:01am.

You've decided on a listing price, your home and its beautiful photos are displayed on MSL, and there's a sign on your property advertising that the house is for sale. All of the sudden you've got showings scheduled. Is your home ready for potential buyers to see it?

Prepping a home for a showing can be simple or complicated, depending on your home and how it's already decorated. Here are some general steps to help your home look its best for potential buyers.

1. Give it a deep cleaning. If you don't already have a cleaning service coming by your house once a week, consider hiring one. When buyers see a grungy floor or layers of dust on furniture, it can be a big turn off. Once the big clean is accomplished, schedule weekly maintenance to keep it looking good.

2. Declutter every room, including the junk closet. You're going to be moving everything anyway, so get started early by going through everything you have in the house, including furniture. If you don't plan to move it, donate it to charity, sell it in a garage sale or throw it out. If you do plan to move it, ask yourself whether it needs to be left in the house or put into storage. The less clutter you have, the easier it is for buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

3. Give your landscaping a good pruning. If you have land, be sure to keep your grass trimmed, cut back all plants around the house to let more light through the windows, and plant annual flowers in flower beds to make the home look warm and inviting.

4. Paint if needed. Paint is cheap and it provides a quick and easy way to clean the walls and cover up scuff marks. Consider taking the time to paint only if visitors to your home comment on how dirty they are, or how bright the colors are.

Finally, ask your Relator if he or she has any additional recommendations. They know what buyers are looking for and can make good suggestions to help your house sell quickly.

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