Stay home for college at these top Twin Cities universities

Posted on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 12:03pm.

When it comes to getting an education, Minneapolis and St. Paul residents don't have to go very far. The Twin Cities have excellent colleges and universities where students and professionals can earn a degree and stay on top of the latest learning available. Here are the top universities in the Twin Cities:

* University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - As the largest school with the most diverse programs, students can find any niche they need at this school. Tuition is also lower; for in-state students it was $13,626 in 2014-15. Undergraduates can enter into the four-year graduation plan, which guarantees that classes will be made available for the student to finish everything in four years  otherwise the university will reimburse student costs for the additional years required. There are also plenty of graduate programs available for students who want to continue their education.

* University of St. Thomas - With only 6,350 students, St. Thomas offers a much smaller campus experience than the U. Popular degree programs include business, management, social services, philosophy, religious studies, biology, journalism, marketing and communications, and biomedical sciences. As a private school, the cost is higher at $34,422 for the 2014-15 year. 57 percent of students, however, receive some sort of financial aid.

* Augsburg College - With 75 degree programs and a student/teacher ratio of 15:1, Augsburg College in St. Paul has a lot to offer students who prefer smaller campuses. Students numbered 2,600 this year. Tuition is on par with St. Thomas at $34,431, and 98 percent of first-time undergraduates receive some sort of financial aid.

* Concordia University - Concordia made a surprising announcement in 2013 that it was reducing tuition to $19,700 for that school year. That news led to increased enrollment of 3,600 students. Concordia is a small private university in St. Paul with around 100 major and minor degree programs to specialize in. Education is one of the top programs, and Concordia offers programs for everything from early childhood to specialty studies.

* Hamline College - There are fewer undergraduates than post-graduates at Hamline, and that's because it specializes in higher-education programs. Tuition is $35,710 for a year of study, and the college offers about 50 degree programs. The student/teacher ratio is 13:1, making it a excellent school for students who prefer a more intimate learning setting.

* Macalester College - A liberal arts degree is the focus of Macalester College located in St. Paul. Tuition is $47,195 with financial assistance guaranteed for every student, and it's a tough school to get into  only 32 percent of applicants are accepted. The school has a partnership program with Augsburg, Hamline, St. Catherine University and St. Thomas, allowing students to take one class each semester off-campus to better round out their education.

With schools of every type offering just about every degree you can imagine, you can stay right at home in the Twin Cities for your college education.

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